Better than Lester?  I don't thester! From the moment you see the captivating "page turn" effect adorning the cover of Lester Koshiol's much-anticipated solo debut, "Shades of Blue," you know you're in for a treat!  He kicks off the record in style--"This Ain't No Love Song," he declares, and boy if it ain't!  Listen to the way he delivers the word "eggs"--you will cry.  Other highlights include the majestic "A Different Day," which dares to defy almost all the laws of musicality and rhythm over the course of its 4:20 (hidden message there, Les?); "Gimme Some Rock N Roll" (like he needs anymore!); and the Christmassy "Homeward Bound" (in which "early" is rhymed with "tourney" NO I'M NOT KIDDING).  The uncontested masterpiece here, though, is "Memories Remain."  Friends, music gets no better than this.  The obscenely fantastic chord changes, the Elvis Costello-in-traction vocal performance, the vaguely Martin Luther King-referencing lyrics...Buy this!  Somebody!” - Castronaut

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